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Our Partners


Professional Computer Support are now the remaining part of Professional Computer Services Ltd that had been established in 1979 initially focusing on the textile companies in the Oldham and Huddersfield regions.


The first installation was Tanner Brothers in Greenfield where PCS installed a Commodore Pet with tape drive. This machine was programmed to calculate the raw material requirements to make yarn for outside sales and for tyre core production. An additional program was also developed to calculate and print the wages for over a hundred employees.

This software was sold to many textile companies in the area usually with additions or changes to meet the specific requirements of the organisation. 

The system was also developed to have a full sales order processing system incorporating sales, purchase and nominal ledgers. This package, although written fifteen years ago in Microsoft Basic for DOS, is still running today.
The company has over the years developed various software packages in different industries the current offering, being written in Visual Basic or Visual dot net.
In order to achieve a one stop solution for all computer and software support, the company builds its own workstations and servers and installs networking.
The company has helped over 250 professional companies, commercial organisations and associations become more effective through various aspects of computerisation. Our success is evident by the fact that over 90% of our new customers are a direct result of referrals from satisfied customers.
For example we support the computer network for all the army volunteer associations in the West Midlands, North West of England and Isle of Man and all of Wales.
Our continued aim is to offer and provide affordable, cost effective IT solutions which help our clients deliver faster and more efficient services to compete successfully in an ever changing and demanding market place



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Our Partners

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