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Our Partners

Our Company.

Professional Computer Services (PCS) Limited was established in 1979 with a small number of customers deploying Commodore Pet Computers. But today, thirty years later, PCS is supplying a whole range of computer software, hardware and associated services.

Our Service.

PCS will configure a support agreement that meets your needs - you will not be paying for services you do not require. Our commitment to service allows our customers to focus on their main line of business, not on software and hardware. PCS support team will proactively manage your computer facility and are on hand to resolve other ad-hoc queries. Our success is due to listening and responding to our clients needs with resolutions that are cost effective.

Our Computers and Networks.

PCS build and design computers and computer networks to meet our clients requirements.

Our Staff.

PCS staff are people who feel personally accountable for delivering our services and work with customers to quickly identify and adopt the best way to get the job done. Our people are our most valuable resource



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Our Partners

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