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Microsoft Server 2003 comes to an end

(published 5th March 2015)

This has significant implications for customers who are still using Windows Server 2003 as these systems will fall into a non-supported mode. This means there are no security fixes, no technical support from Microsoft and also any businesses or companies using servers which require regulatory compliance may find it that they are in an 'out-of-compliance condition'.

The main reason for giving the matter your immediate attention is that should your systems be affected by a power outage or other harmful incident you may not be able to restore the systems, or recover data and applications from the affected machines.

Additionally customers who handle data, for example healthcare and payment card data may find that they are out of compliance which could mean fines or being cut off from business partners that seek to protect their own compliance status.(Microsoft Corp & International Data Corporation. 2015)

After July 14 2015, if you are still running Windows Server 2003, you need to take action to plan and migrate over to the next available product to ensure your infrastructure is protected. (Microsoft, 2015)


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