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Our Partners

Liberate your team to focus on doing what they are good at, not wasting time worrying about computer problems. Our highly skilled and experienced engineers can analyse and quickly resolve over 90% of problems without even visiting your office.

Unlimited remote support is available by telephone, quick response via email or interactive support using Internet based remote control. PCS online support takes advantage of Microsoft Terminal Services that enables us to support you by remotely viewing and controlling your computers. This application spells instant action and a massive reduction in costly onsite visits. We attend to the problem from our call centre while you continue with your work.

Instant Scalability

The great beauty of outsourcing is the absolute flexibility. As you grow and change we can constantly adjust your service level to ensure that it delivers a maximum return on your investment and minimum waste.

With the use of diagnostic software PCS can predict the onset of support issues, instantly respond to unseen issues and monitor server and workstation loads.

Our remote monitoring suite securely links your mission critical devices and software to our Network Operations Centre (NOC). Then, minute by minute, performance information is fed into a predictive analysis tool which ensures that as soon as any monitored business service enters a critical state we will be alerted and respond - anytime.

Total peace of mind

Should a problem occur, or any symptoms indicative of a future problem appear, we will be instantly notified and able to respond using remote support tools. Business service view Rather than view each device or application individually we group your systems together to represent business functionality. In this way we can apply different SLAs and priorities in accordance with your business requirements.

Scheduled Visits

The services provided cover a wide range of software and support facilities including training, data back-up and security, upgrading of current computer systems, new IT applications etc. For customers who have opted for one of our facility management options, our technical engineers are always available to offer solutions to your IT problems. Engineers may for instance be scheduled to visit the client site on say the first Monday of every month during which time any IT issues can be both discussed and rectified.


In addition to this we also provide facilities such as Remote Support and setting up internet e-mail.


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Our Partners

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