Computer Server

Servers are not so easy to offer an immediate quotation as knowledge of the customers’ exact requirements is paramount thus for new customers we ensure a complete understanding before quoting.

It is very easy to over purchase and buy a system that has power in all the wrong places. Similarly an expensive system may not perform well in your organisation. The correct balance is difficult to determine but is essential for customer satisfaction and a continued trusted relationship.
It’s very easy to misunderstand the software licensing requirements and end up in a legal wrangle costing thousands to resolve.
We are a Microsoft partner and as such we understand the complexities of server & client licensing including an effective backup solution and Anti-virus/Anti Spyware/Anti Spam configurations that ensure the server solution is not compromised and thus remains cost effective.
There is never a single solution and we must carefully access and assemble the correct components to obtain the best price/performance ratio possible.
Servers start from as little as £1,500 but can cost up to thousands of pounds, depending on the specification. In the cost of implementing a new server we take into account data transfer from existing systems and the joining of each workstation to the new server. In some cases user training may be a requirement.
Once the server is up and running we continue to monitor its performance via a server support agreement that covers the system for any hardware failure or software problems, updates, security alerts. Pro-actively monitoring our server solutions means we are more likely to be aware of potential problems long before they are apparent to our customers. Thus we can overt disaster and costly downtime. We also monitor the backup solutions to ensure we can recover those accidentally deleted files quickly