Microwave assisted magnetic recording Hard drive

Has your machine become erratic, maybe beeping, when it is carrying out a lot of work? Maybe even shut down without warning? These symptoms could indicate the machine is overheating.

If your machine gets too hot, to avoid damaging itself, the computer will slow processes down and even shut completely down. If, no action is taken over these warnings, permanent damage can occur - Heat is a huge culprit for component and hard drive failure.

Fans inside the machine are trying their best to keep things cool but to do this successfully; air circulation is essential, which means a clear and unobstructed area around the machine and its vents.

The internal fans (the CPU fan, power pack fan, the case fan and Graphics card fan) Draw in air to too cool the components inside and to remove expel the heat. By nature, air carries dust, which can be any variation of particles, hair and debris. Dust accumulates, if it is not routinely removed blankets the area aiding the retention of heat. Dust weighs on fan fins, block vents and stop any circulating air, suffocating your machine.

Routine maintenance does improve performance, and increases the lifespan of your machine and components.

 Inspect the vents regularly to ensure they are clear, free of dust or anything that may prevent the computer getting a good circulation of air.

 Avoid having the machine close to radiators or anything emitting warm air.

 Avoid running too many processes at once.

Microsoft office, drawing packages such Adobe illustrator or CorelDraw or Browser windows, such as internet explorer or Chrome require a great deal of processing power to run. Therefore, unless you need to have them all open consecutively, remember to fully close down programs – this all helps to give the machine less work to do.

Depending on how much dust has settled in your machine, a deep clean may be required. This entails removing all of the components in your PC & cleaning them individually (some components may have to be dissembled for a more thorough clean).

Here at PCS, we offer routine maintenance & cleaning, to ensure the optimum health and longevity of your PC. From a standard clean to a deep PC clean, we hold the specialist tools and knowledge to carefully clean each component of your machine. Please give us a call on 0161 624 4065 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further advice.