Https-use a secure site

Criminals, will go to any lengths to try to steal from people.

Online this is being exploited through phishing, and other types of nefarious attacks.

 The only way to ensure a safe course of action when trying browse and shop safely on the internet is to make sure you use secure websites.

 An extended validation certificate is used to demonstrate a secure website (HTTPS) used specifically for ecommerce sites or the transfer of sensitive data. The EV certificate verifies a website/domain and the identity of the business/individual who controls it. The EV certificate presents a green address bar with the green padlock, to let you know that when you carry out your transaction, it will be secure and encrypted.

 For a business to obtain this type of certificate a business has to be approved by a clearly identifiable certificate authority who issue and provide a trusted digital certificate. These certificates are used to create secure connections, to eliminate any malicious attacks

 If you are looking to shop on a website make sure you Look at the (address) URL bar, the whole bar it should turn green (illustrated)


Keep safe online.