Finding Basic System Information

Games or updates generally specify what the minimum and recommended requirements are for your computer to hopefully avoid you running into any issues, but, you are not necessarily instructed as to where to find this information - So here is a way of finding most of what you need.

To find the basic system info

In the bottom left of your start up screen - Click your start button – type in control panel (or Click – control panel) then – system (this brings up basic information about your computer, how much memory is installed, the type of processor, and what version of Microsoft windows it is running and the system type.

To find how much storage you have on your computer

Again in the bottom of your start up screen - Click on your start button – type in Computer, from the list (& under programs) Click the word Computer – this displays all the storage devices your machine is connected with (as well as any portable devices). Here you can see how much storage space is available.